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To An Unknown Acquaintance

I came across an obituary notice in a newspaper and the resemblances between the deceased and I were so striking that I felt compelled to write about it:

(T. Beechey)

I didn't recognize the printed name
But,nonetheless,teardrops filled my eyes
When I realized that we were one and the same
Merely attired in the other's disguise

How very much similar our lives had been
As twins,we could have easily passed
Simply miscast in separate skin
Upon journeys that were never to last

The routes we chose somehow always merged
Forever on the verge of denial
Yet,all the while,there was present that surge
To complete that elusive,unfinished mile

Was it luck or fate or happenstance?
A random encounter with the Sacred Above?
Or was it unrequited heartfelt romance
The turning back of a still-yearning love?

I didn't recognize the printed name
And it's really a shame because,you see,
Together,we each warmed ourselves by that flame
Now,I travel alone in search of me
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